Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great Lakes Leather Sir/boy and the End Of Summer

Yes, you guessed it. I won Great Lakes Leather Sir 2010.

My speech blew the judges and crowd away. My fantasy, I was told was the most violent and the most erotic, stated 1 judge, he has ever seen before. Jock was, well, it was there. And when the winner was announced, I didn't hear it. I looked at the other 2 contestants, with applause roaring, and they were clapping looking at me. Everyone was clapping looking at me. I WON!!! I can't fucking believe it.

I had a great weekend. And, not just because I won, either. I met a lot of very nice people. A lot of them will travel thru my life with me. Others are just memories of a wonderful weekend. Ron bought me my 1st flogger. I have yet to put it to use.

Okay, with that news out of the way, here's what's going on today...

I noticed a couple of days ago, that the leaves are starting to turn and I also saw some fall to the ground from their branches. My instant reaction was FUCK, WINTER'S COMING!!!ARG!!! The days are getting shorter. We never really had a summer. So, I've been creating my days around the beach. The more sun I get, the more tan I stay thru the winter's war!

The place that I volunteer at, Test Positive Aware Network, has asked me to be on the Board of Directors. Bill, aka "The Chicken Lady," pulled me into his office with the news. I was overwhelmed. My eyes started burning as tears rolled down my face. I love this place and I love what I'm allowed to do. I love giving HIV tests with happy endings. I haven't given a positive test in months. Now that I said something, you know damn well that I'll give one.

The new Executive Director, Bruce, brings his dog, Ema, with him to work. She's great fun. I roll in the floor with her, and chase her thru the building. I usually bring her dog treats when I come to work, but I forgot today and she was so pissed. She bit me. Not hard, but none the less, she struck like a python. I told her I would bring double her order tomorrow. Didn't make her feel bad about biting me, but it did seem to appease her.

So that is my summer. I win Illinois Leather Sir 2009 in late February. Great Lakes Leather Sir 2010, in August, and now I'm sitting on the Board of an expanding HIV facility.

And here again, sad but true, its the 18th of September. Fall is just the next door down the hall. Very soon that door will open. No Jasmine in the air. Soon to be replaced by the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg. Turkey, pumpkin pies. Soups and chicken and dumplings. Don't get me wrong, I love those smells. It just means my wonderful summer is over. The laughter, skate boarders, kites so high up, they nearly reach the gods. Drums beating by the Lake. Music, bonfires, movies in the park. Artists of the Wall. Friends. Waves crashing on the shore, rearranging the rocks that reside there. These are the things that "center" me.

So, I will take these feelings of my summer, wrap them tightly up inside me, to keep me warm thru the dreaded cold. Until once again, when I can open up and release the butterfly that is spring.

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